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What are AES SIMs?

AES Multi-Net SIMs

AES has worked very closely with a local network to offer the perfect plan and tariff to accommodate use in our devices, they are UK based by default with the option to rent a local number* in certain areas.

AES SIM Cards are built on an M2M foundation and can offer a range of benefits, one of which being the ability to autonomously roam between mobile networks to acquire the strongest network signal. There are many services on the market offering data & SMS over multinetwork SIM Cards, however multinetwork voice is rare and often not available on an M2M SIM Card.

AES Multinetwork M2M Voice SIM Cards offer all of the usual benefits of M2M, but also include the ability to make and receive voice calls. Making this an ideal option for services such as Intercom, Lone worker alarms & any other project where voice calls will be required.

Please find below a list of the networks are available to use in the UK:
Three, Meteor, O2 & Vodafone

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