AES Global Telecom provide the most cost-effective sim packages for GSM controlled products on the market.
We know this because our parent company is a world leading Intercom manufacturer!


With our packages we get you connected

AES Global Telecom was founded solely with Cellular GSM controlled products in mind, GSM Intercoms have been manufactured by our parent company (AES Global Ltd) since 2007 and needed the most cost effective and best coverage for various territories worldwide. AES Global Telecoms was established to fill that market need.

Our sim packages provide the best network coverage using some of the worlds largest cell/mobile phone networks such as AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and TracFone. Our packages provide the best coverage for your GSM/Cellular product at the most cost-effective prices.

Our innovative sim packages provide a valuable service, and our dedicated customer care is 24/7 and second to none. If you have a GSM/Cellular product and want it to run flawlessly in the UK, Ireland, Europe, or the United States of America then look no further; AES Global Telecom covers your GSM/cellular product requirements


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